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Meet our new Second Rocks

My name is Matt Dunstone, I am 21 years old and born and raised in Winnipeg, Manitoba. Curling has always been the biggest part of my life. It has made me who I am today and is responsible for 90% of the relationships I have with people today.

I am a two-time Canadian Junior Champion and World Junior Bronze medalist in 2013 and 2016. I am extremely excited to pursue my dream and a Professional Curling Career with Team Steve Laycock.
When I am not Curling I am currently working on my Apprentice level’s to become a Pre-Engineered Building Erector with Crane Steel Structures based out of Winnipeg. I am a level two as of right now and have been with Crane Steel for 2 years. I have been very lucky and fortunate to be able to coordinate a very busy Curling schedule while maintaining this position with Crane Steel Structures. Crane Steel has buildings to be built across the Nation. A crew I usually work with were all the way up in Arctic Bay, Nunavut recently building a building for the Arctic Co-Op program. I have not been able to join them yet because of Curling but I think it would be an amazing thing to experience our Northern region.

My other passion besides Curling would be Baseball. I played baseball for almost as long as I have Curled. I dropped Baseball when I was 19 years old to take my Curling more seriously. Baseball has played a huge roll in keeping that competitive edge inside of me, my work ethic and it definitely helped me become a leader on the ice as that was the roll I had when I played Baseball. I was lucky enough to experience Baseball at a National level playing for Team Manitoba five times in my youth career. Having that previous National Championship experience played a big role in my success when I got to play in a National Championship for curling. If I was not involved in Curling I could have definitely seen myself playing College Baseball somewhere in the United States.

During the off season seeing as I do not play Baseball anymore I love to spend my summers at the Cabin when work is not too busy. I love to wakeboard and be out on the Jet Ski. It truly is the most relaxing place on earth!
My mother and my Father are both living in Winnipeg, I also have a younger sibling who is four years younger than me.
I cannot wait to begin my journey with Team Laycock and work as hard as I can to make our dreams come true- and that is to become Olympic Champions as well as Brier Champions. I cannot wait to spend many minutes on and off the ice becoming great friends, and a great curling team with Steve, Kirk, and Dallan.
Matt Dunstone

Three Big Events Remain

The boys are off a tough loss at the final of the provincials this past week, but all good things come to an end.  The team is the only team in history with the same line-up to win three tankards in a row and have a 25-4 record in the last four provincial championships. Something we are very proud of!

We still have a huge rest of the season to ensure we solidify our spot in the Olympic trials and win our first Grand Slam of Curling title! We are once again working hard and developing strategies to ensure we continue to move the yard sticks and become that team to represent Canada at the Olympics one year from now!

We have also got a unique opportunity to fly to Korea to train against their national men's team. This will be a great opportunity to learn what things will be like for the Olympic games, as they are being played in Korea in 2018! We leave on February 18 and arrive back home on February 25.  It will be great to get a week of dedicated training, take in the culture and learn what it will be like if we get the chance to be there for the Olympic games!

We will then finish off the season with the remaining Grand Slam of Curling season. Our goal is to win one of the remaining events and remain one of the 7 teams to qualify for the Olympic trials!

Thank you to all of our family, friends, sponsors and fans.  It is times like this, we realize how lucky we are to have people in our lives that support us like this!

CurlingTown Wraps up in Cudworth, SK


Decisive Farming CurlingTown Presented by Crescent Point Energy Wrap-Up!

We have just wrapped up our 5th edition of our Decisive Farming Curlingtown presented by Crescent Point Energy.  It could not have gone better and it is truly exciting to bring the game to more and more kids throughout the prairies!

We started the tour off in Livelong before Christmas on December 20 and what a start it was, we had almost more kids than we could fit into the small three sheet Curling rink. After the Christmas break, we were on the road again for January 20 in Whitewood and then the grand prize winner in Virden on January 21.  We finished the tour off last week with stops in Humboldt on February 8 (home rink of Dallan and Kirk) and Cudworth on February 9.

What an amazing experience this is for the team. We seem to continue to grow the number of kids that come out to each event and the communities rally around the event like crazy.  The local media always seems to be present and kids that are very experienced, to no experience show up... it is great to teach all skill levels and have some fun and help the kids with technique, confidence and respect.

We are astonished at the respect that the kids have, when we show up. Every stop is filled with respectful, fun individuals and we could not be more thankful to the communities and families for such great kids.  We work hard to show them how fun Curling can be and preach the importance of finding something you love and working hard to achieve your goals and enjoy the journey along the way

We have exposed the game and the importance of work-ethic, confidence and finding what you love to about 1000 kids in our time with the tour, we are so happy we have this opportunity and would like to thank our name sponsors, Decisive Farming and Crescent Point Energy for supporting Curlingtown since we started and believing in us and what we are trying to achieve within the sport and the youth of the game.  We also would like to thank the supporting sponsors of the event, Seed Hawk, SaskCanola, Yorkton Hyundai and Norstar Industries! Thanks to the communities, organizers, sponsors and media for another successful Curlingtown tour!


Kirk Muyres FEB2017

CurlingTown Finalists are Selected

Communities selected to host Decisive Farming Curlingtown presented by Crescent Point Energy with Laycock Curling/Team Saskatchewan 

Team Saskatchewan and the 2016-2017 Decisive Farming CurlingTown presented by Crescent Point Energy selected its five locations to host youth curling events.

Laycock Curling, the 2015 Tim Horton’s Brier Bronze Medalists coming off a great start to the 2016- 2017 campaign, currently sitting at 4th ranked team in Canada and well positioned for an Olympic trials spot, along with their sponsors Decisive Farming and Crescent Point Energy are excited about the upcoming 5 th annual CurlingTown events. This initiative is Laycock Curling’s way of driving participation by visiting five communities across Western Canada and teaching youth about Curling, sport, dedication, team-work and work ethic.

Numerous Curling clubs across the prairies submitted applications to host. The following locations were selected based on the excitement expressed in their applications:

After school junior clinics:

  • Whitewood Curling Club, Whitewood, Sask
  • Humboldt Curling Club, Humboldt, Sask
  • Livelong Curling Club, Livelong, Sask
  • Cudworth Curling Club, Cudworth, Sask

Grand Finale event – includes junior clinic and friendly game between local champion curling team and Laycock Curling and a community Lunch:

  • Virden Curling Club, Virden, Man

The team hopes each selected community will rally around their events and encourage youth to learn about curling, skill development, but most importantly to grow confidence and have fun!

“We are super lucky to have sponsors that allow us to help promote and grow the sport that has given so much. Since 2012, we have seen the commitment from Decisive Farming and Crescent Point Energy and we continue to grow it bigger year over year.” said, Kirk Muyres, Laycock Curling – Third. “The special part of the tour for us is to not only growing the participation at the youth level, but also teach kids about dedication and creating lasting levels of confidence in our future leaders and Olympic Athletes.”

The CurlingTown scheduled tour dates are below and also online at Contact your local community curling club for more information and to get involved!



Club Contact

Event Date/Time

Whitewood Curling Club


Chad Kelly – 306-735-7810

Jan 20, 2017 - 4-7pm

Humboldt Curling Club


Beverly Kaip – 306-682-2123

Feb 8, 2016 – 4-7pm

Livelong Curling Club


Starla Denny – 306-845-3129

Dec 20, 2016 – 4-7pm

Cudworth Curling Club


Kyler Broad – 306-321-5062

Feb 9, 2017 – 4-7pm

Virden Curling Club


Graham Freeman – 204-851-5982

Jan 21, 2017 – 9:30-3pm

The day will consist of the team signing autographs, taking pictures, teaching skills and chatting with the kids about their own experiences and allowing the kids to meet the 2015 Brier Bronze Medalists.  We look forward to seeing you all there! The team encourages any and all to join and come out for the day, experience and no experience!


For media & interview requests please call or email:  We would love to have you out for the day to grow the sport and community involvement in Saskatchewan.


Growing Knowledge & Growing Team


Crescent Point presents: Dallan's Passion for Continous Knowledge & Team Work?

My curling career is certainly a priority for me; however, I have a busy schedule away from the ice as well. My passion for creativity and design shines through in my career as a Mechanical Engineering Technologist at the Saskatchewan Research Council (SRC). I am also the co-owner of a small design and fabrication company that specializes in technology products for sport. You guessed it… mostly specializing in curling technology devices! What may not be obvious is how I also utilize my passion for designing and prototyping in my curling career.

I started at SRC in March 2008. My day job involves a lot of hands-on work in SRC’s Development Engineering and Manufacturing laboratory where I build and design technical devices used by a variety of clients in numerous industries across Saskatchewan and around the world. Much of my time is spent designing and prototyping solutions for clients who work in mining, oil and gas, and environmental sectors. Lately I have taken on more responsibility working closely with summer students and temporary employees to ensure projects are completed in a timely manner, and up to the quality standards that SRC is known for.

"I have always been a bit of a technology-designer geek. If there was a project in grade school that was clearly a cardboard and paper mache type situation, I always went to the next level of Lego’s/gears/batteries/motors."

MPW Technical Solutions is a business I am part owner of. This business really spawned from a hobby to a niche market opportunity. We began by developing an instrumentation curling brush. The core of the idea was to measure how much force a player can put on the brush, and gather that data wirelessly for analysis. We continued dabbling in various curling technology devices, and last year came out with our SweepKEEP time clock product. The time clocks are now being used by CurlSask and the Grand Slam of Curling to keep track of playing time during curling competitions.

Curling, at the pinnacle of the sport, gives me the opportunity to exercise creative thinking. Many situations on the ice trigger my mind to question if our methods can be optimized? Can we implement a piece of technology to assist in reducing variances? Can we measure a curling delivery? For example, this summer I created an instrumented curling hack. The fabricated curling hack measures force produced by the athlete’s foot when pushing out for a delivery.  Currently, I am working on a device to measure the speed and rotation of a rock once it’s delivered from an athlete’s hand. I believe the experiences with my curling team transfer to better working relationships with my business teams. My ability to handle pressure on the ice translates to my work when meeting deadlines or managing client expectations.

I have several teams that all require hard work and dedication: an eight-person SRC team, a two-person MPW Tech team, a four-person elite curling team, and I can’t leave out my two-person team (including a cute Boston Terrier) at home! Love you Renee.


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